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Proverbs 29:18 says, "Where there is no vision, the people perish..."
Our Lord a few years ago gave me a revelation that I would be doing a completely new thing for Him in the future. He spoke to my heart that He would give me a new spiritual vision for His work! A new way to spread the Gospel. The World Wide Web! Since then I have had a couple of Websites. Now this latest one, 2006! I have been busy writing Stories, Mini Messages, and Larger Messages! Something for everyone! Before all this happened, I was A Deliverance Evangelist, with a team of Christians, holding "Revival Meetings" being invited to preach at "Various Churches", all over Great Britain. I used to write a vast amount of Gospel Leaflets, and in some cases they were delivered all over the country by Elder Leonard Reed in his Mobile Shop (van). Those days we used to print our own literature (that would be around 1963). One leaflet I wrote was distributed by us, various Churches, correspondence ...It was called, "Jesus Saves" we reached over 6 million souls, just with that one leaflet, all Praises to Jesus! I could write a book on the meetings, and wonders we saw! From 1962 on the platform, in my office, Hospital visits, playing the piano, counselling on a one to one basis (which I still do). Traveling all over the country! They were glorious anointed days! All Praises to JESUS. But back to the Internet, (which has been a few years now) God Has blessed our Websites and we have reached many souls!

"From the Platform to the Keyboard".
The results have been fantastic; so many people in many different countries have been reached by the Gospel, many asking for help and prayer. I thank the many ministries in different countries for their invites for me to go and preach, but I have to decline and listen to the Holy Spirit's new ministry for me. I still Minister, and visit, but a lot less than I use too!! I am now mostly an online Minister spreading the Gospel via the internet, with my team. Nothing is Public Domain; it is all our own Copyright work!

We invite you to visit our web site on a regular basis because the Lord is always guiding us to add more to it. God Bless you all.

Yours in His Service,

Rev. Arthur J. Milton. Dip. P.E.C., Cert. H.H.H., Cert. Evangelist.