Colin, Jack, and William were all very good friends they were on their summer holidays (vacation) from school! "Lets go and play cricket" said Jack. "Good idea" said William, Colin agreed. They all strolled across the road, onto a green field, which had a few country cottages on it. "I will go and get my cricket bat, ball and stumps", said Jack. "We will all help" said the boys! Soon they were all set up on the green field playing their game, hitting the ball high and wide. They all enjoyed playing cricket, even if there were only three of them! Then all of a sudden, Colin hit the cricket ball extra hard, it went straight for one of the cottages, and there was a loud crashing of glass.

The cricket ball had broken one of the cottage windows. The boys looked at one another in dismay! An elderly gentleman came running out of the cottage, he looked very angry "Who broke my window he shouted". Colin suddenly panicked "He did" he said, pointing at William! William and Jack were shocked what Colin had said! Colin had told a deliberate lie and got his friend into trouble, because he couldn't face up to the wrong he had done. He would rather place the blame on someone else, even his friend!

I am sure many people of all ages can relate to this story!!! We read in Gods word, "Wherefore putting away LYING, speak every man truth with his neighbour: for we are members one of another". Ephesians 4:25 (KJV).

Written By Rev. Arthur J. Milton